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Oven baked fish
City south Pizza

A Glimpse into Our Journey

Today, The City South Pizza is beloved for its pizza recipes and renowned for fresh dough every morning and topping pizzas with only the best local ingredients. Confident in its abilities in the kitchen, The City South Pizza team wanted to be as confident in their branding as they expanded their business and want their customers to be satisfied.

City south Pizza
Fresh Vegetables
City south Pizza
Fresh FOOD
City south Pizza
City south Pizza
Made With Love

The Secret Behind Our Delicious Pizzas

The highest quality
We take pride in delivering products of the highest quality, ensuring an exceptional experience for our valued customers.
Exquisite Pizza Crust
Our pizza base is the perfect canvas for your favorite toppings, crafted to be soft and chewy, creating a delightful foundation for every slice.
Crafted Sauce
Our delectable pizza sauce is a perfect blend of tangy tomatoes and savory seasonings, adding a burst of flavor to every slice. Its luscious texture and balanced taste enhance the overall pizza experience, leaving you craving for more.
City south Pizza
Savory Cheese

Savor the richness and depth of flavors in every bite of our savory cheese, adding a delectable touch to your culinary experience.

Flavorful Toppings
Experience an explosion of flavors with our delectable and diverse range of toppings that elevate every bite of your pizza.
Serving the Pizza
We take pride in serving our mouthwatering pizzas while they are still piping hot, ensuring that each slice is a delightful experience of melted cheese and delicious toppings.

Savor Our Legendary Signature Delights

City south Pizza
Tandoori Chicken

Green peppers, Onion.

City south Pizza
Oven BAked Fish
City south Pizza
Chicken Wings

Wing Sauces - BBQ, Honey Garlic, Hot, Medium, Mild

City south Pizza
Potato Wedges
City south Pizza

one Click to Indulge in Your Favorite Pizza

Experience pizza perfection with our mouthwatering creations, prepared with the finest ingredients and crafted to satisfy your cravings. Don’t wait another moment, order now and treat yourself to a slice of pizza paradise that will leave you wanting more.